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Positive Paws Pet Training believes that strengthening the communication between your pet and family is essential in creating a healthy life long bond. Whether you're just acquiring a new puppy, attempting to manage your strong-willed adolescent, or striving to maximize your adult dog's potential, Positive Paws Pet Training can help. We customize our approach for each individual situation to address issues which are important to you. Our objective is for you and your pet to establish a harmonious and balanced relationship.

Training is more than just teaching your dog cues. It involves understanding the reason for your dog's behaviors to solve problems. Through our training process, you will gain a better awareness and achieve the ability to direct your dog to more desirable behaviors. At Positive Paws Pet Training, we believe that the key to effective training involves the entire family so all members can learn and enjoy productive methods. We want to assist you, your family, and your dog to reach your full potential together.

WE ARE IN THE NEWS! Dogs volunteer at nursing homes - KSDK

Serving the St. Charles and St. Louis area
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*puppy, basic, intermediate and advanced programs